About Our Jerky

What beef do we use to make our jerky?

Our jerky is made from tender, hand-cut top round, 100% USDA Colorado Beef. Our premium beef is sourced from two local ranches right here in Colorado, which helps us stay on top of product quality, uniformity, and availability. Our grass-fed, grass-finished beef comes from Parker Pastures in Gunnison, Colorado.

How is our jerky cooked?

Our jerky is smoked over real, savory hickory wood or apple wood smoke and fully cooked in the smoker. Dehydrators are not used in the production of our jerky.

What are the health benefits of eating beef jerky?

Beef jerky is a portable protein powerhouse that contains essential minerals like zinc and iron. Zinc helps to boost the immune system, and iron is involved in oxygen transportation and energy formation. Beef jerky can boost your energy levels without making you feel overfilled. Our jerky is hand-crafted from lean cuts of premium beef and is low in fat and carbohydrates, has a healthier nutritional profile than many other snack foods, and is incorporated in various diets, including low-carb and keto. For anyone who is gluten intolerant, our jerky provides a filling snack to take the place of those grains. Jerky is also a much healthier snack alternative than chips, cookies, or candy.

Is your jerky gluten free?

Except for Spicy Creole, all of our jerky recipes, as well as the beef sticks we offer, are gluten free. Spicy Creole may contain trace amounts of gluten.

How long does beef jerky keep?

Unopened beef jerky can be kept in your pantry, or a cool, dark place, for up to a year or until the best-by date on the package. Once opened, you should store your jerky in the fridge and enjoy it within one week. If unrefrigerated, keep the bag tightly sealed and enjoy within 3 days.

What do you use to cure your beef jerky?

Our beef jerky is cured with Veg-Cure 508-30k Celery Powder. Unlike other "cultured celery powders" this product contains a KNOWN amount of nitrite as it is standardized to contain 30,000 ppm (parts per million).

This product is used as a natural way to cure our jerky. Celery is juiced until it's ultra pure with virtually no insoluble vegetable fibers, and then it's fermented to reduce some of the nitrate to nitrite. After the juice is fermented, it is tumble dried, then its nitrite content is measured. Once the nitrite content is found, the powder is standardized by bulking with sea salt. This process is done after every harvest, as the nitrite content varies from batch to batch, but will consistently be standardized to the same 30,000 ppm.

About Shipping + Returns

How soon will I receive my order?

Orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days using UPS or USPS Priority. Processing time may change based on our order volume. You will receive an email with tracking information once the order is processed.

What if an item in my order arrives damaged?

We ship our items with care, but we know things can happen in transit. Please inspect your order immediately upon receipt. If you believe you have received damaged merchandise, please email us with pictures within 3 days of receipt and we can discuss replacement or refund.

We are sorry to say that we are not responsible for packages lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. If this should happen, please contact the UPS or USPS carrier with your tracking number to resolve the issue.

Do you offer refunds?

Returns are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Items purchased online are accepted for a refund within 5 days from arrival on regular-priced items. Items must be in original, unused, and unopened condition with original seals attached. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sales items or e-gift cards.

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