Jams in jars surrounded by fresh berries

Collection: Jams, Sauces + Condiments

Our jams and honey are produced by companies right here in Colorado! We're delighted to offer these small-batch jams that are made with local seasonal fruits and berries, as well as organic honey sourced from a diverse array of wildflowers growing across the Front Range mountains of Colorado.

  • For Conscious Snackers

    We primarily seek out local Colorado markets, as well as exceptional goods from other places in the USA, to secure producers who use simple, real food ingredients so that you can feel good about what you eat.

  • Supporting Small Business

    We spend a great deal of time researching women-owned, local to Colorado, and small businesses who care about the world we live in. We are dedicated to bringing you the best from these select producers.

  • Giving Back

    We feel strongly about the environmental impact of the products we offer, so we clean up after ourselves by supporting cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air. Every order placed with Gunnison Jerky Co. ships carbon neutral.